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“Arming Responsibly One Citizen At A Time”

This is our passion. We are NRA Certified Instructors dedicated to teaching the proper use of firearms in a safe environment. We are regular citizens that stand for the preservation of our 2nd Amendment and want you to enjoy the right to bear arms. We are also passionate firearms enthusiasts as well as accomplished marksmen in the competitive shooting arena.

If you already own or have made the decision to buy a firearm to protect your family and your property, it is your responsibility to get properly trained. We will help you throughout the process in becoming a Responsible Armed Citizen. With our courses, you will acquire proficiency in the use of your firearm, gain accuracy, and learn self-defense.

Our staff members are constantly training with national highly respected instructors, and maintain all their certifications current in order to provide the regular citizen the latest training techniques. We take pride in our ability to work with gun owners, regardless of their skill level, and always maintaining and teaching SAFETY as our top priority.



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